Wilco – Star Wars

  The hype surrounding this album ( or lack thereof ) makes it resonate differently than if we had time to imagine what it could have been. It left me feeling happy that a band of their stature can still do something like this. It’s a boost for all independent songwriters and artists. They are keeping the little guy afloat with this one, but that’s not why it’s good. 

It opens so harshly and immediately that it literally brought a smile to my face because it’s so… Wilco… 

The 4th track on the album has a lead guitar tone that saves it from blending into the others like a pair of Ray Bans at Coachella. 

The album does feel rushed slightly but that may be all due to the promotion and surprise delivery. I’m not saying these songs are the best this year but it’s another Wilco album, isn’t that in its own category  anyway? 

7.0 / 10.0


Kevin Kerby – Kevin Kerby

Every once in awhile I take a stroll through my favorite albums. Eventually, I see some Jeff Tweedy when I am walking by myself with a wish of “Blue Sky Blues” I also see it in Kevin Kerby… It actually may have more faded boot flannel trucker jacket ego than “A.M.” The opening track “Take Me To Youur Leader” opens with a lone tape hiss that only suddenly fades when the typical acoustic guitar chords slice through the room he is playing in. It slices with a sharp blade of nails and love. I can feel the love here… 

“A Guy Walks Into a Bar” is anything but a set up to a generic party joke, it’s dead serious in its alt. country / Bedroom Folk precision. 

This self titled leaves a lot to the imagination, specifically, the next one. Please put it out soon…




The start of this album reminds me why I love the influences that drench this album. You can actually hear the unsure vocals and fingers hitting the strings like a dead kitten. Heaven awaits you on the opening track, this is what I live for…The screeches and scattering drums feel like someone dumping a jar of marbles onto the floor of a high school cafeteria. You can hear how much the lead guitar player paid for his setup and it’s completely amazing… They don’t make records like this anymore and you can see why, this album just destroys any kind of pop symbiosis that dominate the radio today, holding onto just enough hook to keep you starring off into the distance wishing you wrote it first. The bottom line is, this record made me get excited about music again and I can’t wait to hear what else they have to give us.

8.5 / 10.0