Kevin Kerby – Kevin Kerby

Every once in awhile I take a stroll through my favorite albums. Eventually, I see some Jeff Tweedy when I am walking by myself with a wish of “Blue Sky Blues” I also see it in Kevin Kerby… It actually may have more faded boot flannel trucker jacket ego than “A.M.” The opening track “Take Me To Youur Leader” opens with a lone tape hiss that only suddenly fades when the typical acoustic guitar chords slice through the room he is playing in. It slices with a sharp blade of nails and love. I can feel the love here… 

“A Guy Walks Into a Bar” is anything but a set up to a generic party joke, it’s dead serious in its alt. country / Bedroom Folk precision. 

This self titled leaves a lot to the imagination, specifically, the next one. Please put it out soon…




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